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Subscribe to your favourite crypto influencers/leaders

See the coins they buy, when they buy and when they sell!

Discover What Top Crypto Experts Are Saying about the CoinProfit App

Chris Ani

CEO And Founder: DABA.School

This is first of a kind product that will change the face of crypto social trading. Don't bet against this!

Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe

Founder: Crypto Masterclass

CoinProfit App is a laudable development. Kudos!

Frank Nii Okanta Ankrah

Founder: NiiOkanta Services LLC

I′m Super Proud of the creators of the CoinProfit App. I′m Very impressed with this creativity. a huge GAMECHANGER!

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Copy The Best Traders

Don’t waste your money buying courses you won’t watch or joining countless Whatsapp groups, Facebook groups or Telegram channels looking for signals.

Simply subscribe to your favorite crypto influencer/leader on the CoinProfit App. See the coins your leader is buying, when he buys and when he sells. You can simply copy him. As your leader makes money, you make money too!

See Your Leader's Transactions In Real-Time

Don’t let anyone dump on you. Even if your leader has a limit order that is yet to be filled, you’ll see it right inside the CoinProfit App so you can enter the market when your leader is entering, and exit when he’s exiting. He makes a profit? You make a profit too!

Get Signals From All Your Leaders In One Place

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Get signals from the leading traders all in one place. Discover and rate their signal quality. Share whether or not you’ve been able to profit from the signal.

Meet Some Leaders On Coinprofit App

If you’re an expert, you can sign up as a leader and start making money sharing your crypto know-how.

Create Your Own Trading Plans

Create your trading plan

Trade responsibly and profitably by creating a trading plan that works for you.

Plan your entry, stop loss, and take profit targets. Use tags to organize your plans. Receive notifications whenever your coin hits your target or stop limit.

Record Your Trade Lessons

Record your trade lessons

You trade on the go, so why not have your lessons on the go?

With CoinProfit App, you can record your trade lessons and keep a journal, so you can continue learning anytime, anywhere.

Keeping records of your good and bad trades helps you make better trading decisions. We make this incredibly easy for you, so you can win in the crypto space. WAGMI! (We All Gonna Make It)

Automatically Track Your Portfolio Across Multiple Exchange Platforms

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Conveniently and securely monitor your entire portfolio on one platform without worrying about compromising your data. CoinProfit supports over 300 exchanges and more than 8,000 crypto assets.

See Your Profit/Loss at a Glance!

See your profit and Loss.

Supported Exchanges and Wallets




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What Our Users Are Saying..

Kingdom Augustine

Swift experience in all modules. This is at last the opportunity for the average person who's not interested in the technicalities of trading to make wealth. I personally call this app "trade made easy".

Israel Odenu

The best app I have ever seen, easy Navigation, and a great "if" Calculator.

Get the app now on the Google Play Store.

Want To Know More?

Get signals from different leaders in one place, see their signal quality, rate the signals and let everyone know if you made money from the signal or not.


We are working on adding rating and analytics systems to the CoinProfit app so it will be easier for you to see the track records of all the leaders. In the meantime, we encourage you to subscribe to only leaders you know and trust. If you are completely new and don’t know any leader, your best bet will be to subscribe to our CEO and Founder - Emmanuel Ohworeko or any of the leaders featured on the leader's page of our website.

We are available on both the IOS and Android app store. Please use the download button above to download the app to your device.

Every leader on the platform determines how much he wants to charge for his subscription.

All Payments on the CoinProfit App are facilitated through cryptocurrency. We do not accept credit cards or paypal.

After downloading the CoinProfit App, go to the explore tab under the ‘Leader’ section. Search for the leader you want to subscribe to, click on his profile and click on subscribe. The cost of subscribing to each leader is shown on his profile. When you click on subscribe, a USDT wallet address via TRC20 network will be generated for you. Send the equivalent USDT to the address and click on confirm. Once payment is confirmed, your subscription will be activated.

We have resources to help you get started in your crypto journey. Please check out our help centre.

Yes, on only supported exchanges like FTX.

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